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Pizzagate: What is it?

Pizzagate is an online conspiracy theory that believes James Alefantis is part of a very large conspiracy involving blackmail, child sex, and occult rituals. Seems pretty far out there I must admit, but will try to explain all the evidence used to support the theory.


The most compelling aspect of this theory is its history and wide breadth slandering everyone from the Catholic Church, the Bushes, to the Clintons where the focus currently sits. Some people connect it to familiar long running conspiracy theories like the Illuminati, regardless of the origin the motivation is the same: Control. If a group of powerful individuals could convince another, possibly a rival, to join in ritualistic behavior like ones pictured in a Comet Pizza flyer (below) they would then have power and control over them through blackmail. Ultimately this is not about sex, its not about breaking social norms through “art” (including “performance art”) its about power and blackmail.


Above is an actual Comet Ping Pong poster. They bill themselves as family friendly but have some very strange bands play most notably one called “Heavy Breathing” (pictured below). Just art maybe.


Let’s look at the history. Like most conspiracies it starts with the CIA. For most “believers” the first evidence possibly related to this blackmail ring are reports about the existence of MK-Ultra.

Rolling Stone recently wrote about MK Ultra as a the inspiration behind the Netflick’s original “Stranger Things”. I quote:

“Though it sounds like what conspiracy theorists’ wet dreams are made of, MKUltra was a real government program funded by the CIA that went on from the 1950s to the early 1970s. It tested countless subjects at over 80 institutions, many of which were fronts funded by the government and filtered to schools, private hospitals and even a couple jails.

Most of the documents relating to the project were destroyed by the CIA in 1973 because of course they were, but what we know comes from witness testimony, a couple congressional investigations and a cache of 20,000 incorrectly-filed budgetary documents found during a Freedom of Information Act request in 1977. It’s enough to paint a terrifying picture of a wide-ranging government project that sought to capitalize on mind-control techniques that could, theoretically, be used against enemies during the Cold War.”


“There are also claims that it involved child sexual abuse and experiments based on the work of Heinrich Himmler during the Third Reich.”

From seemingly non-partisan

“Yet, CIA mind-control survivor Christine Nicola testified before the 1995 President’s Advisory Committee on CIA Human Radiation Experiments claiming she was subjected to human experiments from age 4 through age 14, or until 1976. Victim C who testified in the same hearing said she was in the experiments from age 7 through age 24, or until 1984 (20 years after the supposed closure of MKULTRA).”

You can watch the entire hearings online. Here is a good sample:


What evidence is there that powerful people in the government are involved in such a power scheme?

3 years after the supposed end of MK-Ultra there was the Boys Town scandal – also caleed the Omaha Nebraska’s Franklin Credit Union Case – which has been written about extensively including a UK Discovery Channel documentary that never aired “CONSPIRACY OF SILENCE” leaked on YouTube. Its the story of a school for boys some orphans that were abused by their teachers and administrators, flown around the country for sex parties. Most telling is that the “false” accuser Alisha Owen went to prison for 4 and 1/2 years. Let that serve as a lesson to any would be whistle blowers. It should be noted that she served the entire time during which her brother mysteriously died. Other false accusers rarely get anywhere near as much time if any.


Another story from the late 80’s involved men who would be come to be known as the Washington DC finders after two of their members were found with abused children in a Florida park on their way to Mexico.

Highlights from the above articles:

“Two men (nicely dresses man identified as Douglas Ammerman, 27, and James Michael Holwell or Michael Houlihan, 23) believed to have Washington-area ties who were traveling with six hungry and disheveled children in a van with Virginia license plates were arrested in Tallahassee, Fla., and charged with child abuse, police in the Florida capital reported last night.

The discovery of the children and the arrest of the two men led D.C. authorities to search a Northeast Washington warehouse and a Glover Park apartment building where several Finders members lived. D.C. police yesterday sifted through extensive computer records and color slides and photographic contact sheets removed by authorities.

U.S. Customs agents who saw some of the photos Friday said they appeared to involve sexual activities between adults and children, according to Customs spokesman David Hoover. “We’re not saying that it’s pornography, but it has all the earmarks,” Hoover said.

However, D.C. police sources characterized the pictures as “ritualistic” and not pornographic. One police source said that the photos were “no more pornographic than what you find in the average home.” They said the pictures of naked children were innocent, but there were some showing children in “ritualistic” ceremonies including the bloodletting of animals.

Among the items seized in the Friday raids were computerized messages concerning what the group called the proper “programming” of the children, and how they are “demagnetized,” the law enforcement source said.

Other items seized included financial records indicating that the group has substantial assets, including bank accounts, the source said.

Other seized documents include files showing the organization has researched numerous industries, such as the fast food industry, and papers suggesting that the group operates a wide network of corporations, the source said.

Other files seized showed that some members of the group have worked in low-level jobs in the federal and District governments, the source said.”

Stories from Chicago Tribune and New York Times about the same incident:

“Scott Hunt, spokesman for the Tallahassee Police Department, said a report written by a doctor who examined the children after they were discovered Wednesday in the custody of two men said, “more than one showed evidence of sexual abuse.“ Hunt said he could not comment on how many children showed signs of abuse, what sex they are or how recent or extensive the abuse was.

Previously, police had said only one child, a 6-year-old girl, showed signs of sexual abuse.”

Witnesses there told investigators that they saw two other men and children in a second van make contact with the first group in the park. The witnesses said they drove away before the police arrived.

The children told investigators in Tallahassee that they had been on the road for weeks, camping out at night. The older children reported that they were rewarded with food for doing ”good things” but that the nature of what was expected was not described.

Their daily ration of food consisted of oranges, bananas and raw potatoes, they told the police.

Based on information provided by the children, they were tentatively identified as Mary Houlihan, 7 years old; Max Livingstone, 6; Honeybee Evans, 3; Benjamin Franklin, 3; John Paul Pope Houlihan, 2, and B.B., a 2-year-old boy.”

It was also reported that the children had never used indoor plumbing.

So what ever happened to these two men?

“And a spokeswoman for the communal group known as the Finders said five members who are the children`s mothers were on their way to Tallahassee to try to reclaim the youngsters, who are aged 2-6.

When it became known that the men belonged to the Finders, and that the children were offspring of Finders members, an avalanche of publicity ensued that suggested the Finders was a mysterious cult that may have been involved in satanic rituals and child pornography.

The two men found with the children, Douglas Edward Ammerman, 27, and Michael James Houlihan, 28, who also uses the name Holwell, appeared in a Tallahassee court Wednesday on child abuse charges, based on the condition of the youngsters when they were found. The judge entered innocent pleas for both. No trial date was set.” They were later freed without a trial according to the Washington Post.

“In what was labeled a victory for the “right to be different,“ a judge ruled Wednesday that three of six children who belong to the Finders, a secretive counterculture community, should be returned to their mothers with no strings attached.

The other three children were found to be dependents of the state, a ruling that defense attorney Paula Walborsky said is unlikely to result in the loss of custody for the mothers.

Hours after the ruling, the leader of the Finders announced that the Finders` experiment with “group work“ had failed and the organization was dismantling after about 17 years of communal living.”

Case closed I guess. They just stopped, don’t bother looking for them. Because “This is farewell from the Finders. We`re breaking up,“ said Robert G. Terrell, who prefers to call himself Genghis K. Plato. “You won`t be hearing from the Finders again until Hong Kong is being run by the Chinese and the Panama Canal is being managed by the Panamanians — in other words at least until the year 2000.“”

Strange but true. All based on main stream media when they had integrity.

A similar tale abet much darker from Brussels about Marc Dutroux:


“Something is rotten in the state of Belgium. Six years after the arrest of Marc Dutroux, the country’s notorious paedophile, no date has been set for his trial and the case remains painfully unresolved.

In 1995, when two eight-year-old girls were kidnapped, Dutroux, a convicted sex offender, was a prime suspect from the start, yet he wasn’t arrested for 14 months. By that time, four of his captives – including the two girls – were dead. Since his arrest, 20 potential witnesses connected with the case have died in mysterious circumstances, fuelling suspicions of a cover-up reaching the highest levels.

I have spent the last six months making a documentary about the investigation. Early on, I was told by one senior government adviser: ‘You must not underestimate the terrible record of our Belgian justice system.’

It’s a system which today appears paralysed, unable to prosecute the accused, his wife and an alleged accomplice.”

“She (Regina Louf, a woman now aged 33, the first of 10 to come forward) told investigators how from the age of 12 she’d been ‘given’ by her parents to a family friend, Tony Van den Bogaert, who’d had a key to their house. He would collect her from school and take her away for weekends to sex parties where she was ‘given’ to other men and secretly filmed having sex with them. ‘It was highly organised,’ she says. ‘Big business. Blackmail. There was a lot of money involved.’

In 1996 she related her experiences to a police team under carefully filmed and supervised conditions. She described certain regular clients including judges, one of the country’s most powerful politicians (now dead) and a prominent banker. She gave the police the names by which she knew these men, detailed the houses, apartments and districts where she’d been taken with other children to entertain the guests.

This ‘entertainment’ was not just sex, she told the police. It involved sadism, torture and even murder, and again she described the places, the victims and the ways they were killed. One of the regular organisers of these parties, she claimed, was the man she knew as ‘Mich’, Jean Michel Nihoul, ‘a very cruel man. He abused children in a very sadistic way’, she said. Also there, she said, was the young Dutroux.”

“‘She gave us (the police) some details that made us think it’s impossible to give without having been there at that place – the way the body was found at that time, and the way she described the person who was killed.’

What Louf had described was a macabre torture which had eventually killed a 15-year-old girl she knew as Chrissie. ‘It was a sort of bondage,’ she told me, ‘so her legs and her hands and her throat were connected with the same rope, and so when she moved she strangled herself.’ Louf insists both Nihoul and Dutroux were there that night. Nihoul, she claims, took part in the murder, a charge he denies. Dutroux, she says, watched.”

Luckily Marc is now finally serving life in prison.

Strange that child bondage is also one of Tony Podesta’s favorite art subjects according to the magazine Washington Life 

“Podesta has turned his Kalorama home into a shrine to contemporary art, ranging from relatively under-the-radar artists such as Serbian painter to those who are much better known…with his top five being , ,Bourgeois, and Antony Gormley.”

The work of Biljana Djurdjevic:biljanadjurdjevic_serbia_paintings_artodyssey6


The Podestas are proud of their provocative taste in art “a bedroom at the Podesta residence hung with multiple color pictures by Katy Grannan (below), a photographer known for documentary-style pictures of naked teenagers in their parents’ suburban homes. They were horrified,” Heather recalls, a grin spreading across her face.” According to the Washington Post.



Before we forget about Tony Podesta its also interesting to note that he was good friends with a convicted pedophile and the longest-serving Republican Speaker of the House in history Dennis Hastert and was with him in Japan during the time he molested young boys. Note that Hastert only got 15 months in prison while Alisha Owen the “false” accuser got 4 times that.

Now we start to get to the new part thanks to wikileaks:

 Tony CCs John in an email with Horie Masahiko about the time Hastert and Tony Podesta spent “teaching” in Japan saying “I have stayed in touch with denny Hastert … all these years”. (

Later Richard L. “Jake” Siewert, Jr. the current head of corporate communications for Goldman Sachs who served as White House Press Secretary during the administration of U.S. President Bill Clinton and in Treasury department during the Obama Administration says “Might be time for Denny to vanish to an undisclosed Japanese island.” (

So far none of this implicates Hillary Clinton in anyway, but according to Wikileaks Hillary’s top aide Huma Abedin was forwarding information about a little known orphanage” as far back as 2001 called the New Life Children’s Refuge from Idaho that planned on taking Haitian children to the Dominican Republic where they wished to set up an orphanage. This is detailed in this NRP article 9 years after Hillary first took an interest in Silsby:  “Silsby has said publicly that she had permission and paperwork from the Dominican Republic to bring the Haitian children into that country from Haiti.

But the DR’s consul general in Port-au-Prince flatly contradicts that:

Last week, the group entered Haiti from the Dominican Republic, met with the pastor and gathered a group of children, Mr. Ham said. The group had signed permission “to take children from Haiti back to the Dominican Republic,” as well as documentation from the Dominican Republic itself, he said. But when the group got to the border, Haitian officials told the group they lacked “one document,” Mr. Ham said.

Carlos Castillo, the Dominican Republic’s consul general in Port-au-Prince, gave a different account: In an interview he said he met with Ms. Silsby on Friday and told her she lacked any documents to transport children, and warned her not to try or she could be arrested.

What is interesting here is who Laura Silsby’s lawyer was. None other than Jorge Puello Torres who was himself sentenced to three years in prison for child sex trafficing after representing Silsby. According to CNN:

“Both his mother and Torres Puello say he served briefly in the U.S. Army in a military intelligence unit, and Torres Puello said he also worked undercover with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration and the Department of Homeland Security.”

Possible MK-Ultra connection

and the NYT:

“The case against Mr. Puello broke open when three under-age Nicaraguan girls escaped from a house where they said they had been held captive for up to ten days by Mr. Puello’s wife, Ana Josefa Galvarina Ramirez Orellana, and another man, according to Jorge Callejas, head of the Salvadoran border police.

Who else works in Haiti? Ricky Dearman worked for LuvForHaiti and was accused by his children “‘They’d said we were killing babies, I was shipping them in, we would cut the babies’ throats and then would drink the blood. It’s horrific'” (Dailymail) The charges were untimely dropped, but Dearman does have connections in high places included the Whitehouse through Josiah Bruny.

This is reminiscent of another child abuse ring allegation involving the military in San Francisco reported on by the NYT: “The Army announced it is closing and demolishing a child-care center at its base at the Presidio after allegations that as many as 60 youngsters were sexually abused there….At least four children were discovered to have chlamydia, a sexually transmitted disease. An assistant United States attorney, Peter Robinson, said Mr. Hambright was charged with molesting only 10 children because other victims were so young they would not be allowed to testify in court.”

Mr.Hambright never was convicted.

Children are notoriously unreliable witnesses. With no one else around child abuse is a hard crime to convict even then the suspect isn’t connected politically.

The case can be made that if a powerful group did have a child trafficking ring an aid organization like the Clinton Foundation would be the perfect cover.


This is Marina Abramovic’s actual twitter, notice her name @AbramovicM666

Now we get to #SpritCooking the email that started it all (

This is the email that started it all.

“Dear Tony, I am so looking forward to the Spirit Cooking dinner at my place. Do you think you will be able to let me know if your brother is joining? All my love, Marina — ABRAMOVIC LLC”

Abramovic is a witch if there ever was one and she herself views she self as “magic” according to an Ask-Me-Anything she did on Reddit. She is a very famous and talented artist. Freakily talented and very popular, often hanging out with Katy Perry, Jay-Z and other Hollywood celebrities. She is famous for her performance art that commonly involves her getting into a trance like state in order to inflict wounds on herself or just sit for seven hours straight. The image below is a recipe from her piece Spirit Cooking. To be fair she did help open an artist space using GoFundMe and promised the top supporters a Spirit Cooking demonstration that she predicted would be in December of 2014 not June 2016 when this email was sent to Tony Podesta. She claims to keep very busy only staying in NY a few month out of the year. with-a-knife-cut-deeply-into-the-middle-finger-of-your-left-hand-eat-the-pain-17945934c1794b4f14e77159f1e3eb989de8a6b642a191273cd26e3a25f36923c14947479_1019848064793846_5767043890396502944_n

Note bottom left of Katy Perry and Marina is a picture at a fundraiser and the blood is fake. On Reddit Marina says “If you are doing the occult magic in the context of art or in a gallery, then it is the art. If you are doing it in different context, in spiritual circles or private house or on TV shows, it is not art.”


So we now have are occult ritual connection. This helps explain another very famous child sex case involving Jimmy Savile a UK celebrity who was accused of sexual abusing girls in ritualistic sex parties and those confined to hospital beds his own hospital.


The saying “Its always the person you least expect” doesn’t apply in this case. Instead its the exact person you would expect, which leads us finally to James Alefantis owner of Comet Pizza.

James’s lover is David Brock the director of Hillary’s online correction team and Media Matters. Hillary fundraisers have been held at Comet Pizza along with a host of bizarre and provocative music acts. According to Fox News Brock paid a former lover William Grey 850,000 for blackmail based on a Washington DC police report. James has been called the 49th most powerful person in Washington DC by the magazine gq.

So what about James Alefantis? If the official instagram account of Comet Pizza is any clue they share their love of the child bondage.


Notice that this very gay man’s shirt says in French: I love children.


James with Tony Podesta


Marina Abramovic on James Alefantis’ instagram






Notice someone commented #killroom. I wonder what his Instagram is like?


Why would someone want a child sized coffin?

“‘Portway has pled guilty to some of the most vile and heinous crimes known to our society, namely participating in the sexual exploitation of young children through the possession and distribution of child pornography and soliciting the kidnapping of a child for the purpose of killing and consuming that child,’ federal prosecutors wrote in court documents, obtained by the Boston Herald.”


Sounds like someone likes Sprit Cooking.
Pretty out there for a kids spot run by a gay guy who has no kids nor does his lover Brock.

There has been speculation that Cheese Pizza is a codeword for Child Porn although this could just have been popularized as a joke on 4chan. Podesta certainly seems to be speaking in coded language in some of his email.

There is one more piece of damning evidence involving wikileaks:

“I just came from checking the Field house and I have a square cloth handkerchief (white w/ black) that was left on the kitchen island….The realtor found a handkerchief (I think it has a map that seems pizza-related. Is it yorus? They can send it if you want. I know you’re busy, so feel free not to respond if it’s not yours or you don’t want it.”

What the hell is a pizza related map on a handkerchief? Well the internet has some theories. There is something called the handkerchief code used by gay men to indicate preference.

There is also this one from John Podesta:

Ps. Do you think I’ll do better playing dominos on cheese than on pasta?

Seems weird.

There is one more artist connected to Comet Pizza that is worth mentioning. Arrington de Dionyso has a tame mural inside Comet Pizza as seen here:


Strange choice of artist for a child friendly restaurant. More of his work below:


 Certainly looks like scenes out of Kubrick’s “Eyes Wide Shut”.
What about this picture of Obama with his niece Savita Ng?
Other serious connections to the Whitehouse:
  • Hillary Clinton reportedly talks with the dead through her “on the advice of her onetime mentor, the psychologist Jean Houston, she sought guidance from her hero, Eleanor Roosevelt. (Eleanor Roosevelt was, at this time, dead.)” (Gawker)
    • Who is Jean Houston? According to Wiki she participating in a US Government sanctioned research project on the effects of LSD (before such research was banned). Sounds like MK-Ultra to me.
  • Hillary’s aide Cheryl Mills makes “jokes” about “With fingers crossed, the old rabbit’s foot out of the box in the attic, I will be sacrificing a chicken in the backyard to Moloch . . . (Wikileaks)
  • There are underground tunnels throughout Washington DC and appear to connect to Comet Pizza. Most famous is the DuPoint Circle named after convicted pedophile
    “Robert H. Richards IV was convicted of (toddler 3 years old) rape, the wealthy heir to the du Pont family fortune was spared prison by a Delaware court in 2009 because he would “not fare well” behind bars, according to court documents CNN obtained Tuesday.”
    • So no prison for this guy. Surprised?
  • Podesta has an image called pizza.jpg that he sent this the caption “it doesn’t get any better than this” of a child and two women eating pizza. What’s strange is that the two women happen to be women captured investigating human trafficking in North Korea; Euna Lee and Laura Ling. Whom President Bill Clinton went to retrieve personally.
  • Days before one of the largest bust of pedophiles in US history Anthony Wiener had his laptop examined after sexting this photo next to a small child to an underage love interest.
    • weiner_37
  • Jeffery Epstein the convicted sex offender also thinks that child pornography is art.
    • “Dozens of pictures — including one of a child aged no more than six or seven bending over in a tiny dress which was considered so bad that authorities blurred it out on the video — adorn the walls.

      She said she had seen Bill Clinton at Epstein’s private island in the Caribbean but did not have sex with him, nor see him have sex with anyone else.

      Roberts, now 32, married and living in Colorado, said she met Ghislaine Maxwell when she was 15, and almost immediately became Epstein’s ‘sex slave’.

      ‘When I was with him, Epstein had sex with underage girls on a daily basis,’ she alleged. ‘His interest in this kind of sex was obvious to the people around him.

      The walk-through video does not show everything the cops found, such as video cameras hidden in clocks — one in the garage and the other on Epstein’s desk. He is believed to have used the cameras to tape his famous friends in sex acts with underage girls for blackmail purposes.” (Daily Mail)

  • Back in 2011 shortly before his death Andrew Breitbart tweeted “How prog-guru John Podesta isn’t household name as world class underage sex slave op cover-upperer defending unspeakable dregs escapes me.” (Source)
  • The Podestas look very similar to two men wanted in connection with a child kidnapping in Europe and are believed to have been there at the time as evidenced by an assistant answering John’s email during this time.
    • hpzqcbb
  • Lots of money flowing from DNC donors like George Soros to Comet Pizza according the Federal Election Commission. (Many other examples)
  • Operation Flicker that found over 1000 DOD officals had child porn on their computers as reported on by CNN’s Andersoon Cooper. This investigation mysteriously ended predictably without anyone being prosecuted.(
  • Congresswomen Nancy Schaefer exposes the Child Protection Services months before she turns up dead. She claims that CPS are stealing children and selling them to pedophiles.
  • James Alefantis has meet with Obama personally and the Jimmy Comet Instagram account includes a picture playing pingpong inside the Whitehouse with Obama.ia1llqk
 All this has been uncovered by internet sleuths at Reddit, 4chan, 8chan, and Voat. All evidence is circumstantial but taken together its not completely unreasonable to think that a group of people are using child sex rituals to blackmail and control the worlds most powerful people. It could just be art and coincidence. We can all respect artists that push boundaries.

Making sense of abortion

In the last presidential debate the moderator (much to my dismay) led with a question on abortion. This is a losing issue and its one that Trump has tried his hardest to avoid as a non-evangelical conservative. Trump changed the GOP platform to include exceptions on abortions for rape incest and to protect the life of the mother. These changes were long over due and shows that the new GOP is much different than RINOs (Republicans in name only) of yesteryear. As a recent convert to conservatism I am happy to report that many conservatives are as prochoice as I am. Trump response was a a complete deflection because he knows he has supporters on both sides of this issue that feel passionately. Trump refused to answer if he wants to overturn Roe vs Wade and instead focused on late term abortions specifically those preformed days before delivery when a fetus is considered viable (around 20-24 weeks into pregnancy). This type of abortion is already illegal because the law Hillary voted against ended up passing. Since the debate a women from Utah has had her story go viral where she claims that a late term abortion saved her life and asks people not to vote for a candidate that would take that right away. There is no candidate in the race that wants to take that away. Its already part of the law the Hillary voted against that exceptions for the health of the mother are granted.

Donald Trump Would ‘Absolutely’ Change Republican Platform on Abortion Rights

Unrest From The Left

Screen Shot 2016-10-17 at 10.52.43 PM.png

The goal of the left is to cause violence on all sides of the political spectrum in order to sell big government as the solution to the chaos. This is why George Soros writes big checks to Black Lives Matters movement. This is why calling your enemy Hitler, racist, xenophobic and deplorable have become tactics of the left while at the same time trying to incite violence at Trump rallies across the country this summer. They want to stigmatize the name Trump and create fear for anyone that would dare express support. Trump’s words at certain rallies may have made the media’s job easy, but he knows their tactics would never work because Americans are not violent by nature. But America is changing, this election is the first where people actually protested a primary candidate, nearly rioted. This is not the America I know and played perfectly into Trump’s motto of making America great again. This violence and hatred is from the new left, one that makes me proud to have left liberalism when I did. The remainder of this blog will be an attempt to bridge the gap between Democrats and Republicans by highlighting a set of common facts.

Recent hidden camera by Project Veritas (watch short video linked at bottom) has exposed the tactics of the left this election which include paid protestors and astroturfing, but unlike elections past these efforts have been eschewed by media and citizens more fervently than ever thanks to the new religion of anti racism being taught in our schools (For a great overview see the always insightful John McWhorter). The media has preyed on Trump’s inexperience in politics, but this candidate is also a predator. The people are now turning away from the main stream media like never before and trust for corporate media like CNN it at an all time low. Nasty politics may be good for ratings, but its lousy at adapting to the 21 century.

This ABC news segment was one of the few to accurately portray the anti-Trump protests in San Jose. I myself went to two Trump rallies in CA this summer and saw the hatred the left has spawned this election first hand; which of course is the exact thing the left says about Trump and his supporters. I have been unfriended, I have been threatened, I’ve been quoted out of context, and I’ve feared for my safety all because I switched parties thanks to these tactics . The media has understandably had a lot of questions about Trump changing his positions throughout his life (except how bad NAFTA is), but with new evidence can come new conclusions. Although this segment was better than most I question why they cut the actual hit the man sustained. It could of course be a number of reasons, but what scares me more than any Clinton presidency are the threats to our free press by corporate politicians and their donors in the global elite. So I urge you to open your minds and follow my blog. Thank you.


Astroturf and manipulation of media messages | Sharyl Attkisson

Project Veritas

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